SmartBox makes it easy to provide better food and beverage choices to the members of your organization, whether it’s an office, a school, or a gym. Making wholesome foods more convenient means your people make better decisions, more often. And that means better organizational health, more productivity, and better moods!

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Why We’re Smarter.

We’ve utilized technology to bring you the quickest, most convenient access to healthy snacks and beverages available. SmartBox Vending Machines and GoMarkets are connected to cloud-based software, enabling us to know precisely when they need to be serviced, ensuring product delivery with sensors, and informing customers of nutritional value.

Customers will enjoy interactive touchscreens, from which they can review product, make purchases using their smartphone, and even send us direct alerts! We are invested in innovative solutions that make for a unique, unmatched customer experience.

What Makes SmartBox Different?

Part of the exceptional value we bring to you is our high caliber brands. Products that make it into our snack boxes, vending machines, and GoMarkets contain NO artificial preservatives, refined sugars, MSG, hydrogenated oils, or trans fats.

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